Saturday, August 27, 2016

Where It All Began...

I am on a journey. A life changing journey.

No - I'm not traveling around the world, or even across the country for that matter. I am on a journey of mind, body & soul. I am on a journey towards building confidence & finding a love for who I am. I am on a journey towards feeling amazing about myself. I am on a journey of health.

About a month ago, after my millionth failed attempt to lose weight, I decided it was probably time to take a step back. It was time for me to take a deep breath & really look at what I was doing wrong. Like many others, I was a yo yo dieter that constantly followed the latest fad in weight loss - and then couldn't understand why I didn't like look Lauren Conrad overnight. My goals were always so set on an image that I saw on TV & in magazines, that all I could ever think about was why do I not look like that and what am I doing wrong in trying to??

This is where everything changed. That step back & deep breath was one of the most key moments in my life. It's the moment where things began to click & puzzle pieces began to fall into place. I decided to try my hand at weight loss once again - but with a completely different approach.

I began to evaluate my relationship with food & look at how every morsel that goes near my mouth can effect my goals. Unfortunately, I am the kind of girl that can look at a cookie & gain 20 pounds on the spot. I asked myself - what am I going to do to change this? What do I really want to gain from this experience?

I became more focused on my overall health, rather than just my weight loss, and began understanding how to truly manage what I was putting into my body. I began looking at things from a different perspective and thinking about my feelings when each meal or snack came around. I began to really take the time to think about what I was looking to do and understand that this is more than just about how I want to look. This is about becoming a healthier version of myself.

So here we are! Ready to start blogging the process & really experiencing the overall journey. I'm excited to share my story and can't wait to see what's still to come!

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